Lessons at Deer Creek Equestrian Center

Lesson Prices:
Lesson prices are set by each Independent Instructor.
All lessons are by appointment.

  • All participants shall be required to sign a release of liability document.
  • Please note that if you bring your own horse, you must have a current negative coggins test and any other documents required by the TAHC.
  • Participants shall be required to wear a ASTM/SEI approved helmet.
  • All riders must wear clothing appropriate for equestrian activities, to include but not limited to a closed toe shoe which covers the ankle and has a definine heel, and dress appropriately for the activity.

Meet Deer Creek Equestrian’s Lesson Horses

We specialize in North American Curly Horses, also known as American Bashkir Curly Horses. Curlies are considered to be hypoallergenic. A curly horse will look smooth coated in the summer with the exception of their curly manes, tails, and sometimes ears. Even their eyelashes can be curly! Their winter coats grow in curly. Some have tight curls, while others have loose waves or “bunny fur”. Manes vary from Tight ringlets, to loose waves. To learn more about the Curly Horse, visit the ICHO, or ABC

Use of Lesson horses is $20.00 per lesson on top of your trainer’s lesson fee.

Pictures coming soon

Meet Noelle

Noelle is our trusty little trail horse extraordinaire! She is a curly quarter cross with tight corkscrew mane and “bunny fur” coat. Standing at a little over 14 hands, Noelle isn’t much for going in circles in an arena, but she loves to explore the trails! Noelle is currently Leased.

Meet Bobble

Bobble is our 11.2 hand red roan curly pony gelding. This little guy is amazing. He loves adventure and is always up to cute pony shenanigans in the pasture. Bobble loves children and takes his job seriously. Bobble is available for lessons and/or an at-farm lease. Weight limit 80 pound rider.

Meet Frisco

Frisco is our 12.1 hand palomino/creamello curly pony gelding. Frisco is as steady as they come. He’s a great little lesson pony and loves the trails too. Frisco is available for lessons and/or and at-farm lease. Weight limit: 100 pound rider.

Meet Annabella

Annabella is our 15.2 hand black curly mare. Annabella is a character and such a sweetheart! Annabella is available for lessons only to approved riders. She is still in training and we will be particular about who rides her.

Independent Lesson instructors are welcome to contract with us to offer lesson services at Deer Creek Equestrian Center. If you are interested in teaching lessons at our facility, please contact us for information. Facility use fee applies for non-boarders.

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