Enjoy the Peace and Quiet of the Countryside when you Board with Deer Creek Equestrian Center

Deer Creek Equestrian Center, a Series of Central Texas Equestrian Centers LLC is pleased to offer Central Texas a full-care premium boutique boarding experience at our 70–acre full-care facility located at Deer Creek Farms, a 477-acre family farm. Our facility is split into three separate pasture areas – Hillside, Creekside, and County Line – each offering different boarding experiences catering to the individual needs of the horse and their owner. We limit the number of horses per acre to ensure the pastures are not overcrowded and the horses are happy and healthy.

All Board is full care and includes*:

  • Horses are fed twice daily.
  • Grass Hay, salt and minerals are included with board.
  • Feed is owner’s choice and may be brought in by the owner, or is billed for reimbursement if we purchase it.
  • Round bales place in the pastures over the winter months
  • Farrier visits on a regular basis
  • Local Veterinarian Available
  • Equine Clinics and Hospitals within 30 minutes
  • Trailer parking for one trailer per boarder

*Please e-mail us for a brochure with a full list of amenities offered, and for current pricing and availability.

Boarding Options

Nestled on 20 acres next to Deer Creek, our Creekside pastures offer a quiet oasis surrounded by trees. With direct access to the Trails at Deer Creek Farms and plenty of amenities for riding pleasure, the Creekside pastures are perfect for the pleasure rider who enjoys arena activities as well as an adventure out on the trails. This area houses up to 8 horses on paddock board, to include pasture turn-out, and can accommodate 2 horses on pasture board. Amenities at the Creekside Pastures include:

  • Horses are housed in Private 50×100′ paddocks with private loafing sheds.
  • Options include daily turn-out on pasture, or paddock only board without turn-out.
  • Private tack/storage rooms attached to your horse’s loafing shed in the assigned paddock.
  • 150×250 foot clay riding arena with jumps, barrels, poles, cavaletti , etc. available for use.
  • 80×150 foot grass multipurpose area
  • 20×40 meter grass dressage arena
  • 20×60 meter grass dressage arena
  • 64 foot round pen
  • Access to miles of trails on the Trails at Deer Creek Farms
  • running water
  • Concrete wash rack with shade
  • stocks for veterinary use
  • Fenced parking area with designated car, truck, and trailer parking
  • Lessons on your horse
  • Restroom
  • Lounge
  • Picnic area

Hillside Pastures
Surrounding the house, on 16 acres atop the hill, our Hillside Pastures offers a place for quiet enjoyment with your horse. Here you will find our short term board, as well as pasture-only board with access to the Trails at Deer Creek Farms. This is a perfect spot for the budget conscious equestrian who prefers to ride the trails. This area houses up to 8 horses on pasture, and up to 4 horses for short-term care. Amenities at the Hillside Pastures include:

  • Pasture board at the hillside pastures. Horses are kept in small herds on the pastures.
  • 12×12 pens for feeding horses separately
  • Access to miles of trails on the Trails at Deer Creek Farms
  • Access to the amenities at the Creekside Pastures*
  • Water station available for bathing your horse
  • Public tack room
  • Horses visiting for short term are housed in either a large paddock or a 12×12 stall depending on length of stay.

*Please note that the Creekside Pastures are across the creek and you will need to travel down one of our trails and cross the creek, or travel down the road to access the Creekside facility.

County Line Pastures: 34 acres split into 5 pastures with a full range of amenities coming soon for the active equestrian.

When You are Here, You are Family!

“Horses Need to be Social.
They need to interact.
They need to move.
They need to graze.
We allow them to do that.”

-Annise, President and Manager of Central Texas Equestrian Centers, LLC & Deer Creek Equestrian Center

Boarding Handbook, our Extras and Amenities booklet,
and other brochures are available for download here.

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