Boarding with Deer Creek Equestrian Center

Introducing Deer Creek Equestrian Center

Where You and Your Horse Can Enjoy the Peace and Quiet of the Countryside

Deer Creek Equestrian Center is a smaller full care facility, housing up to 16 horses, geared toward quiet enjoyment with your horse that offers personalized care in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. Deer Creek Equestrian Center, where you and your horse can enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Amenities include:

  • pasture turn out on well-maintained pastures
  • Large 50×100′ paddocks with private loafing sheds and attached private tack/storage rooms
  • 150×250 foot clay riding arena
  • 80×150 foot multipurpose area
  • 20×40 meter grass dressage arena
  • 20×60 meter grass dressage arena
  • 64 foot round pen
  • Access to the Trails at Deer Creek Farms, the 477-acre family farm
  • plenty of shade trees
  • natural water source and running water
  • Concrete wash rack with shade
  • stocks for veterinary use
  • Fenced parking area with designated car, truck, and trailer parking
  • Farrier visits on a regular basis
  • Veterinarian available
  • Lessons on your horse
  • Restroom

Boarding Options

We currently offer

  • Pasture Board
  • Large 50×100′ paddocks (either with or without pasture turn-out)
  • Coming soon after renovation: 20×20 stalls with runs.

Please e-mail us for current pricing and availability.

When You are Here, You are Family!

“Horses Need to be Social.
They need to interact.
They need to move.
They need to graze.
We allow them to do that.”

-Annise, President and Manager of Central Texas Equestrian Centers, LLC & Deer Creek Equestrian Center

Boarding Handbook, our Extras and Amenities booklet,
and other brochures are available for download here.

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